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Fabricator of tubular constructed chassis and suspension parts for short oval racing formulas and the Haynes Roadster since 2009

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This is my TMXR modified Roadster chassis to take Mazda MX5 mk1+2 donnor parts. The outer frame size is the same as the standard Sierra book spec chassis so all current body work from other suppliers will fit.  This comes with my multi adjustable twin master cylinder pedal box pre fitted. The chassis comes with the engine mounts pre fitted to take the OE Mazda items imaking the engine a direct fit, the gear box mount is replaced with a Landrover item.  Also pre fitted is the locating lugs for my fabricated diff cover, steering column and steering rack, lower seat belt anchors,head light stalks,radiator tabs and a 2mm stitch welded steel floor.
The chassis will be supplied fully keyed ready for primer in bare steel only.
Current lead time 6 weeks as of 19/03/2017